Makefashion Edu Tucson Highlights!

I was hardly back from Shenzhen, when James and Carrie tapped me to help them in Tucson with their first Makefashion Edu event. I agreed because I find working with them very motivating and fulfilling, and I’m glad I did. Despite it turning into a two-week trek across the desert, I got to work with their great team on the ground as well as some awesome, inspiring students.

This video is highlights from the runway show. Now I have to find a way to show the less flashy, but possibly more important educational experiences and behind the scenes magic that these teachers performed. If I can communicate that well, other teachers can learn from this and start their own Makefashion Edu projects.

You can see a gallery of student portraits here.

Highlights from the School Maker Faire, Nanshan, Shenzhen

I shot this video back in November during my trip to Shenzhen, and after a lot of work, holidays, and back and forth: it’s finally done!

It’s a kind of mini documentary, a style that I hadn’t made before, and I had to go back and study a lot of other people’s work as well as guides before I felt like I could do it justice.

It seems crazy to say, but there is a lot more footage where this came from, so I’ll probably post a few more pieces focused on the individual schools and groups I interviewed there.


Vlog 1 - The Incredible Pace of Work and Walking In Shenzhen

I’m in Shenzhen and a million things have happened. Just barely keeping up with the pace of running around and filming. Only now getting a chance to process footage and make videos. I show my trip and discuss the frantic pace of things.


Previously on the Vlog…

Si Hai Park

Bailey’s from Technode

Where we stayed in Guangzhou

More info about EdTechGZ

Sue Francis at EdTechGZ 3D Printing for Calculus - Sue Francis Workshop on Math Visualization

Steamhead --
SteamHead’s YouTube Channel

Cultivative --
Cultivative’s YouTube Channel

My China Adventure Begins! My first Vlog!

Guess what? I’m going on an adventure! I’ll be in Shenzhen, China for a month working with my friends at Steamhead, a maker education non-profit. There will be videos, photos, and exciting (hopefully non-life-threatening) stories to share! Below, you’ll find my inaugural vlog episode. I hope you like it, and if you do, get subscribed to my YouTube channel.

"Crystaline Path" Kristin Aria Harp Music Video

A music video for "Crystaline Path" from Kristin's new album "Angels Amoung Us"

We shot this last week in Morgan Hill, and had a blast. I think I learned a lot from this process to take on to my next projects.

Hot Air Balloon Decoration by Quyen

My wife Quyen was asked to make a decoration for a friend’s baby’s first birthday, and she really went for it! Check out the pics below. Plus, even though it’s for a baby, we put our puppy Jaciey inside: we’re not made of stone after all.

—Nikon D7200, 50mm Nikon prime lens, shot on an overcast day with supplemental lights and reflectors.

GVA Open Mic in Morgan Hill

Went down to GVA Open Mic with my mom, Kristin, and got to check out the scene. Had a great time. Everyone there was very kind and supportive. Really great vibe.

Make It Happen! Quyen's Beading Workshop

I produced this video in collaboration with Cultivative as a way to inspire creativity in others. I took a lot of footage. First of Quyen teaching some friends how to make these earrings, then shooting overhead and from the side (as you see in most of the video), and had her walk the camera through it. That ended up being the clearest way for people to just follow along.

For more information about this workshop take a look at this blog post: