I’m a full time freelancer who produces videos for companies and non-profits as a marketing consultant. I help them tell their story and communicate their vision in an authentic way.

I can also provide an array of other professional services including photography, audio-visual and technical support, editing, copywriting, and project management.

Originally from the Big Island of Hawaii, I’ve lived and worked in the Bay Area for over 15 years. I received a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of California Berkeley.

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Videography Rates and Quotes

Every project is different, and that makes it difficult to give set prices, so I encourage you to get in touch with me to discuss the particulars of what you need, and we can negotiate a fair price. With that said, I can provide some base rates to give some idea of what a project might cost.


Shooting Days: I charge a day-rate for shooting days of $300 per day plus travel costs if applicable.

Editing and Production: I charge $500 flat rate to produce a video that is under 10 minutes. That includes organizing, planning, and editing plus one revision of the video. Longer projects tend to quickly grow in scope, and we would have to negotiate a rate.

Equipment: I charge $50 per day for my shooting gear: a high quality 4K camera, professional audio recording, Mavic Pro Drone, plus a shooting light and other accessories in my kit. Any additional gear I would rent at cost. In general, extra cameras and lights cost between $50 and $100 per day. If needed, high-end, professional cameras and lenses start around $200 per day and go into the thousands.

Extra Staff: Larger projects could require me to hire help and rent extra equipment, which I would do at cost. Cost depends on the market and requirements, but we can assume $200 per day for staff and $50 per day for gear as an approximation.

Travel: I’m located in San Jose, California. Normal driving rates are about 55 cents per mile, each way. More than 100 miles, I would likely need to fly or stay overnight. I would expect to be reimbursed for flights and lodgings for the duration of the shoot with reasonable accommodations.

Quotes (Provided as Examples)

Basic Promotional Video $850 - $1550

A short promotional video for an event or program can be shot over 1-2 days, and may or may not require one helping hand.

  • Simple, One Day Project $850: One day at $300 day rate, $500 for production, $50 equipment rental

  • Just me for multiple days $1550: Three days at $300, $500 production, three days equipment rental $150

More Complex Event $1700-$3000

Events or activities with many things happening at once can’t be captured by just one person. We will also likely want to capture activity and interviews before and after.

  • Complex one-day event with shooting of setup day $1700

    • Me $1200 - Two days at $300 day rate, $500 for production, two days $100 equipment rental

    • Helper $500 - Two days at $200 day rate, two days $100 equipment rental (approximate)

  • A brand storytelling video that included an event $2650

    • Interviews and background over three days $1550

      • Three days at $300, $500 production, three days equipment rental $150

    • One-day event $1100

      • Me $850- One days at $300 day rate, $500 for production. $50 equipment rental

      • Helper $250 - One day at $200 and $50 rental (approximate)