Art Project Videos

Quyen teaches a workshop on how to make your own flower beaded earrings. For more information about this workshop take a look at this blog post: Below is a list of the supplies used with non-affiliate Amazon links.

This is a video I filmed, edited, and produced for my wife's entry into the Mystery Build Contest. The theme was "Somewhere in Time," and the contest involved creating an art project using only the materials included in the contest box. The video needed to showcase both the finished work and the process in an engaging way. 


Cultivative, a Creative Non-profit

I am a board member and contributor to Cultivative, a non-profit organization that enables people of all ages and countries to discover, experience and explore their creative potential in arts, science and technology to evolve our culture together.

I filmed and edited this video podcast that was meant to inform, entertain, and empower people to make their own creative projects at home.