Small non-profits do amazing things on tight budgets, but supporters need to see them in action to appreciate their value.

SteamHead at Dongwan School

SteamHead is a grassroots, maker-education platform in Shenzhen, China who are expanding their reach to a global audience. This Dongwan School program is just one of the exciting projects they run, and they wanted help communicating the value of this program to their supporters and stakeholders as well as to share this story with their community.

We have a number of ongoing projects, so stay tuned for updates.

Instead of just telling the audience about SteamHead’s values or mission, this video shows how they put those values into action.

SteamHead at the Nanshan School Maker Faire.

The Nanshan School Maker Faire was a great opportunity to showcase the kind of community building that James and Carrie have achieved. I created this mini-documentary that could serve both as a means to showcase the faire and so the organizers could use it as a promotional piece that demonstrates their values.

People are turned off by phony marketing-speak; they want to know what you’re about and why.

About me

Who would I be if I didn’t practice what I preach? This is part of my China travel vlog I’m working on, and you can learn about me by watching it because it’s an authentic story.

Not everything goes into the video, nor should it. I’m curating this for public consumption, but it still feels personal and true because you can see who I am, how I operate, and why I’m doing this.

When you’re a performer, your message and your art become one, and you just need some stunning visuals and cinematography to amplify what you already do. This was the case with the two music videos I made for Kristin Aria, a New Age harpist.

You can see my other work here.

I’m something of a jack of all trades, and I’m always learning new things that interest me. In addition to photography and videography, I also do illustration and layout, copywriting and editing, sound and lights for performances, among other things.

I’m an FAA certified commercial drone pilot.